There is an used car parts seller besteile24 in ebay. I bought (2021-09) an used car motor from 'them' with few thousands euros, had it hauled across the Europe to me and found out that it was not that was listed in sales advertisement. Our local authorized brand repair shop said it was junk and not 66k kilometers driven, more like 250-300k based on his experience.

We cut our losses short and did not waste any more time to it. It was probably worse. I tried to start ebay return process and they told that this kind of item is not part of their return policy and cannot be returned.

Based on everything I learnt during the process, I came to conclusion that it's not a kind of company one would expect selling used car parts. You might think they have a yard somewhere where they dismantle, clean and stock these parts they're selling. That's not the case with this.

Here are the facts:

I just sent it back to seller's official address and asked them to return my money, which they eventually did after weeks of waiting. My loss was months of delay of getting that vehicle repaired (renting cars in parctise) and hauling expenses.

Assumptions and open questions:

Maybe someone finds all this useful and is able to avoid similar.